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My Love of the Oregon Coast comes through my Grama Bea who grew up coming to the Coast from Portland in the 1940s. She bought her home in Pacific City in 1961 and still lives in her quiet cabin by the river today. Her home became our family vacation destination every summer growing up. The sweet clean air and the close communion with nature brought contentment and deep peace that I still experience now as her neighbor. With my wife Moria, we are raising our two children on the coast knowing that the exploration of the natural world and all the fun recreation that come with this environment will forever give them a foundation of confidence and happiness. Before my career in Real Estate began, I owned and helped build an organic plant food company. For 15 years I assisted farmers with every scale of a growing project. Through our products, I taught people about the soil food web and consulted on numerous fertilizer and soil amendment startups. I loved running my own business and I am proud of what we offered the world and the work that was accomplished.

I have a degree in Religious Studies from CSU Chico, and I have completed comprehensive certificates in Rolfing, Structural Integration, and Hakomi, Body-Centered Psychotherapy. My first job out of high school was as a massage therapist. I have always been interested in people and health so working with clients to improve their health was a very good fit for me. Having lived in Hawaii, Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon I could lean into my experience with the therapeutic arts and not only immediately have meaningful work but also tend healthy and potentially joyful relationships. I still do a little “fix it” work for friends today. In my off time, I can be found fishing our magnificent rivers and ocean. Living in Pacific City, I chase Salmon and Tuna in the summer and catch lingcod and seabass regularly. Whether fishing or catching I am happy to be on the water. Golf was a big part of my life growing up and if I get the chance, I still love finding fairways and greens. Though most of my home time is now devoted to playing with my two wonderful wandering children, Azure and Violet. Like all young children, they require more than full-time attention. Fortunately, my mom, Brooke lives on the road and has the time and desire to help us and be with her grandchildren.

Moria and I have owned homes in Washington and Oregon. We were young and perhaps idealistic home buyers. Our romanticizing of place and property has led to extensive remodels and landscape improvements. I am grateful for these experiences now for I have crawled under and through every nook and cranny of our homes and have some history with almost every problem a home could have. I have worked with contractors and craftsmen to elevate our home's structural soundness and aesthetic appeal. I know what it takes to get through a big project, and I draw from this knowledge as I view homes. I am completely enamored with the Oregon Coast and all it has to offer. The endless natural beauty perfectly showcases so many lovely homes. From the nearest microclimate to the farthest vista the Oregon Coast has it all. It is my bliss to enjoy all of this with you and I thank you for bringing me with you as you take the next step on your journey home. Bless your Beautiful Life.

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It is my bliss to enjoy all of this with you and I thank you for bringing me with you as you take the next step on your journey home.

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